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Thanks to the sickest month on record, one month and six days after his birth, Jack finally got to meet the person who helped make his birth possible. It was about 3:15am on New Year's Eve. We watched the ball drop. We put our kids back to bed after the loud and rather obnoxious fireworks display in our backyard. It was then I woke up and my water broke. Of course. I am sure Matt thought some crazy drunk person was knocking on his door at 3:45, but no, crazy expectant father instead.

She is my ray of sunshine-happily coming over not once, but twice during late night and middle of the night hospital trips. Napping on our couch, taking care of the big kids, and being my all around hero.

So thank you Kristen. And really, if you see me with the camera and you are wearing the flower hat, you know I will take a picture of you :)