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Swaddled, just like his brother.

Charlie switches between wanting to hold, help with, and do everything Jack does. Then sometimes he will say "NO! Don't go help baby Jack Jack!" and push me away. Today as I was swaddling Jack, Charlie decided he had to have his blankets (or blankawees as Charlie calls them) and his pillow. He got on the couch, Nonnie tucked him in, and there he stayed for almost five minutes. Just like Jack.

Later as Bj and I were getting Jack in his carseat to go to the doctor, Jack was SCREAMING his discontent over being forced into this contraption again and not laying peacefully in Nonnie's arms. Charlie became horribly upset over his brother's distress. He sat watching, quiet tears streaming down his face and the saddest monkey face you ever saw. When Bj left with Jack Charlie fell to his knees. It was the saddest yet sweetest moment. Charlie is learning already how to be a good protective big brother.