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I feel like a hippy granola Mama. Today was rough. Lily has been sick for five days now. A high fever, non stop medicine and constant confinement. We were told she is very contagious and we have been working very hard to contain the germs as if Jack gets this we will immediately end up in the hospital. So far everyone is good, but the incubation period is ten days so we are holding our breaths.

Today in addition to trying to keep a fever down and something for Lily to do, entertaining a bored-out-of-his- mind little boy, I also had a newborn that would not let me put him down. I think I got a total of 20 minutes all day. Super Jess to the rescue. She tracked down our friend Beth who owns a baby store and soon I was hands free and feeling so much better.

And yes, I am feeling quite granola about it.