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January 05, 2014



what a great list. nice to read your blog.


I've been making this list in my head today for my next list :D
And Thrift Shop is on my top 10 also!

I am pleasantly surprised by Phillip Phillips as well. I've only heard Home, and Gone, Gone, Gone, but I really like both. He made it on the CBC Radio 2 top 20 countdown for 2013 as well, and the announcers were surprised because he was an American Idol winner, but also because of his whole folk pop sound. In general they were surprised at the movement towards folk music in general in 2013. Mumford & Songs I Will Wait was the number one on that countdown as well!

Mary Jo

Seriously, "I Will Wait" is one of my all time favorite songs! I could listen to it over and over and never, ever get sick of it! :)


Love this list. :) I like that you have a fairly random mix like I do!!! And I would LOVE to see Mumford and Sons in concert. I cannot even tell you the last time I saw live music of any kind!!!

amber litzinger

love my my Phillip Phillips!!! : )

Missy Marquette

I have my Phillip station on Pandora most evenings...although I started an Idina one and

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