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October 22, 2011



sniff. sniff. They are all so cute in it!


I remember that cold trip to the Is baby Lily giving you the finger in that picture tee hee!


SHE SURE IS!! I just sent Will a text message! Hahahahahaha! Your babies should be models!

Tina Flohr

awww, what a sweet lion! riddy was a lion her first year :( wonder if i still have that costume...sniffle! sweetness!


love this. love the pictures. love the finger. love the babies. love the lion. you can never get rid of that costume. sniff! sniff!!


OH.MY.GOODNESS. They are so cute. I cannot believe the pose taken by Jack. I'm with Cassie, models for sure!


Emilio was a lion his first halloween too! I have to dig up the picture :) and Jack is adorable in it!

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