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October 19, 2011



I am glad I am not the only one who heard that thunder last night. My children also slept through it and no one I work with head it either.


I had to laugh to myself that you did not feel comfortable writing out that terrible word that begins with C. tee hee hee hee.

Found many interesting ideas in the Spirited Child book, some of them, to be fair, related to being a bit of a spirited mama. I wonder if there is a book about that (and if it is complimentary to it...)


That face is CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!


OMG...can this get any funnier! Love it all Marie! (especially little man's crinkled knuckles in the pic!)


1) What do you use instead of mousse?
2) Why would you jinx yourself with that whole stomach flu comment!

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