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March 09, 2011



miss you friend

Cassie Jebber

nerd...Stop being so sappy... :)))


I think you're an awesome scrapbook live in the computer friend. I cherish mine, too. Good thoughts here, Marie


sniff sniff.


You know how I feel.


amen sista friend...xoxo

Mary Jo

This is such a sweet post, Marie :)
It's amazing how many categories of friends there can be.
And it's so amazing that I consider people I have never met IRL friends.
But they are just as real to me as the people I see every day sometimes :)


hee hee. live in the computer friends makes me laugh. and glad I'm a real friend. albeit an ohio friend. wish I was a neighbor friend! miss you!

rachel marquette

you can never have too many friends, friend. you are so sweet.


I am glad of you, too, o' live in the computer friend!

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