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January 18, 2010



yes, always prewash. That way the shrinkage is done. It will fray a bit, but should be bad. If something bleeds you would rather know now. You iron afterwards. I know.
Do you have a good quilt beginners book? or website? that you've been looking at? They should have general guidelines.

Mary Jo

LOVE that fabric! :0)


I was just going to say what Katy said - washing now avoids any possible shrinking when you wash/dry it once it's done.


I would read, read, read a little before you try anything... and buy some cheapie muslin to play around with using your rotary cutter and sewing into blocks/rows just to get the feel for it!


Some people actually don't prewash for quilts to get the puckery look. I think I read that in the Bend the Rules book. And make sure you know the lay it all out in strips of blocks trick, which is pretty much the only way to piece it together with any precision.


Washing will change the texture. I have always liked working with the softer, sweeter smelling variety of fabric that comes after washing and drying. I've only ever made a very small quilt though, so I have no particular expertise, just preference ;)


Let's throw another in the mom washes after she makes the quilt. Did you call the sew'in place to see if they have any quilt classes coming up? They are really nice there (my mom occasionally teaches classes there) :)


It's so pretty! I would buy the fabric and leave it just like that for awhile. I don't want to mess anything up!. So, no advice from me :(


hee hee I'm with Susie.


Woohoo -- Love the colors!! When you finish I have a couple that need to be completed. Just sayin'. ;)


Marie, that IS fabulous fabric and I can not WAIT to see what you make of it!


yes - prewash! ( :


Definitely prewash. My mom is a big time quilter and she said that you never know which fabrics will run, especially bright pinks. Good luck with your quilt! :)

rachel marquette

step two : take a nap. because the not-knowing-anything-about-quilting business is stressing me out for you. love the fabric by the way.


oh it's so pretty!

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