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December 13, 2009




Erin Sweeney

YAY! So glad you made it. And that you had fun, well except for the injuries and pain! Love the picture. :)


I am so, so sorry. Glad you got to meet her, but SO sorry.


Ouch. But you look really cute. I hope you got one for me :P

Mary Jo

Now that's devotion :0)
I really wanted to meet her when she was here but didn't make it.

rachel marquette

I LOVE IT. So excited you got to meet Ree even though the process was a bit painful and dangerous (overturned vans and semi's? you must live in PA!) great picture! sigh my unsigned cookbook will just have to do. Great picture too and glad you reigned in the minni mouse voice :) did ree's voice match her? unlike ali's crazy low scratchy voice? good stuff!


SOOOOO cool! I am loving your story! Worth it, I am sure- bumps,bruises and all!! And what a CUTE pic!!


First off..totally annoyed that you met her, and I didn't get to be there with you! *grumble*
Second...I am sooooo glad I wasn't with you. Because I would have laughed my "bum" off watching you fly in the air, then I would have felt terrible for laughing at you while you were rolling around in pain. Take an Advil! I have to go finish laughing!


There were a lot of people there. I was not so lucky to meet her but I had a good time.


Way cool! I do remember a lot of fog in your neck of the woods-- I'm so glad you all weren't tied up in those accidents, Marie!


Your pic with PW is FAB!! Who took it ;)

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