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November 17, 2009



I can't believe Lily got in trouble for calling Charlie weird wearing that getup :P

And, I could have sworn you already had the Vince Guaraldi book??


How is the Taylor Christmas CD coming?? I hope you're on track for recording dates soon :)


Aren't you returning to my dance studio next year?


When we were little, if Teresa or I said anything mean to eachother we had to hug and say 10 nice things about eachother, and we couldn't stop hugging till then.

My mother also used to make us hold our arms straight up for 3 or 5 minutes. Talk about burning pain, no noses in the corner here.


thanks for the birthday shout out and i love that photo of your friend. very nice job.


oh i think alla + lily would be super friends with their imaginations - alla would have to bring her dinosaurs, though, especially the one she named "poodle-ooooo" - what are we going to do with these crazy girls?!!?


What a great post Marie! I love that picture of Miss Oliver!

Mice do stink! It's the winter. They come in our house too. Blech!
You need steel wool and expanding foam. It REALLY helps!!!

I love that dress up picture of Charlie.

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