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August 20, 2008



I am sad. I cannot believe you are leaving us! Oh sad!


sigh, cute cute babies though!


He's a mover and a shaker that boy is. My one photo of him did in fact turn out to be blurry. Arg. He's such a cutie, Marie. I can't wait to meet the rest of the family :)


Glad it worked out on the offer, well, ok I'm not GLAD that you are leaving, but glad it is moving forward or something .. oh bother.

(for my kids, totally a stage, grew out of it)
I had fun too... loved watching him move. So cute.


Keep some notes for me on the big turning three. I am afraid I might have to cry about it, or something.

Congratulations on having your offer accepted... even though I know that's only the beginning.

Wishing Lily a happy birthday, you a happy day too! ;)

Helen Hassel

"There's a hole in my Bucket!" Aaaaahhh... Those were the days.

Glad someone finally made an offer!

LOVE the jumping picture!


sorry about your basement, congratulations on the offer acceptance and happy birthday to Lily!

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