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March 28, 2008



ooh, there he is again.
I love his name, by the way, and he is adorable.
Hope you are feeling well and going home soon.

Jenny L.

Oh goodie, I've been checking. Love his name. ;) He is a cutie, Marie. Congrats to all of you.


Welcome Little Charlie!! You have many virtual aunties that are very happy you arrived :)

suzanne b.

Oh, Charlie, you are precious.



marie- he is beautiful!! can't wait to see more photos- congratulations!!!!

Erin Sweeney

I can't wait to come see him! He's so adorable.

Helen Hassel

What a beautiful baby! I hope your arrival home is welcomed by big sister! Congratulations!


He's beautiful, Marie... praying your transitions and healing process go smoothly as you enjoy that little sweetie ;)

jodi b

He is a beautiful little guy! Congrats, Taylors!


Oh, Aunt Katherine is so jealous of Aunt Heather right now!



Sorry I couldn't make it today, but Rachel showed me fresh pictures from her camera. He is SOOOOOOOO gorgeous!


Welcome little Charlie! You are so sweet. Lily, you are the big sister now! Love your little brother because little brothers are very special! Hope you are feeling well Marie....we'll make plans to see you soon!

Heather J Wade-Taylor

As previously stated, if he turns out to be too much trouble I have dibbs!! HAA!! Seriously though, I love you Marie and I love my new nephew. Welcome to the family Charlie Boy, we have lots to catch you up on!!! And for the record, I seem to be stuck on calling him Charlie Boy.

Mary Jo

Charlie, we are so exctited you are here! Welcome to the world!
And congrats, Marie, B.J. and Lily :0)


SO happy for you my friend!


congratulations marie. :) charlie is just the cutest name.


He is even cuter in real life!! er, computer screen real life. I sure do love Skype. : )

But daily pictures are good too.


YAY! he is SO cute! I look forward to meeting him!


I'm SOOO late to this party, but I could not be more happy for you! Charlie is adorable. You sure know how to make 'em. Really.



I am so excited for you guys and I just LOVE his name! Congrats! Hope all is well! Can't wait to hear what Lily thinks!


congratulations Marie and family! He is so sweet!


Congratulations Marie (and family)! Charlie's a little sweetie pie! :)

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