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April 14, 2013


Erin Sweeney

Yay! So happy for you. So glad my gym tales didn't just bore you to sleep. Now we need to run together and you need to come do boot camp with me this summer - I have free passes for you! :)

Love your shirt design and you will love the race! Way to go, Marie!


Oh my goodness did you just make me weep.

I am SO proud of you. And also so ticked that you already run faster than me. NO FAIR.

Uncle Ben

Wonderful, Marie. It almost makes me want to ... Run.


Great job, great story. All the best, Marie.


I love this story. Your story. And the best part is, it's not over yet- i believe
There are many more amazing miles ahead of you!!!


This is EXACTLY what I needed, at exactly the right minute. My friend Sarah texted me and asked me to run with her the very same moment as I was beginning the read. Thank you.


It's what they say about the journey of 10,000 miles, right? I am so happy for you, Marie. And, as Susie says, excited to see all the goodness that lies ahead...


I think you must be a natural-born running talent, because I NEVER EVER have been able to run faster than a 10.30 mile. I am intrigued by the inside of the Nat now, because it doesn't look like you have to run 213 times around to make a mile now!

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