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October 08, 2012



I'm all weepy, so sorry you've had to go through all this and so grateful that you're well enough to be writing at all, let alone so beautifully.


I've been thinking about you so much, Marie. Not being in control can be agonizing, I know. I'm hoping things only get better for you. xoxo

Mary Jo

Oh, Marie, I have been thinking of and praying for you. I also know it will get better.


Hugs.. And hopes that the next month and a day bring joy and hope.

Melissa S

Praying you are on the road to recovery and start to feel much better very soon.


Praying for you... hoping the days ahead are easier than the days behind, but that you're still filled by the encouragement of those who love you ;)

Uncle Ben

We love you, Marie!


Much love and healing thoughts are sent your way, my friend!

Kelly Barnette

My sister has this as well. She went through the same weight and muscle loss. it was heartbreaking to watch her try to make a basket (basketball is her life) and it went 2 feet in front of her and she couldn't even raise her arms above her head. However, after all the crappy medicines, she has been healthy now for 4 years. :-) It does get better.

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