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January 31, 2012


Missy B

I just did grey for my office color. I used lilac and lime green accents, I think aqua would look great.

Missy B

By grey I obviously mean gray. Sorry.

Cassie Jebber

1. boo
2. HOW is that house soooo big inside. It is so deceiving! I LOVE IT!
3. Still trying to get used to it. I need a tutorial
4. I am telling you...They take such advantage of our love for them!! They don't trust teachers as much as they do us. That's why they behave well for them!!
5. :))
6. I want a STORM with big beautiful flakes that are quiet and white
7. Way cool
8. No talent in that area
9.I need to take them all out too.
10. You're a terrible horrible no good very bad friend! And my birthday isn't THAT close!

Amy So

Just my .02: grey & light aqua are gorgeous together!!!


Laney's conference went the same way. I was flabbergasted...
Yes- I believe that's the correct word;)


4. Right? I think it's that whole 3 year old thing. I feel like I never stop asking the same questions.
7. Me NEITHER!!!
8. Who needs a gray card when you have the whole wall? A light Aqua will be amazing with that!!!
9. I REALLY need to do some of that.

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