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August 05, 2011


Cassie Jebber

Yay! Your Back!!! Stay Back please!


For the birthday here, the most longed for item is an American Girl doll... complete with the whole she-bang. I don't think this is the year for it though ;) We've been reading the American Girl Choose your own adventure books from the library... not my favorite way to read a story. heh, heh.

You are a gifted mama, stomper idea.


I think J is on the right track for an AG. Then when we go to Chicago soon to AG place, they can bring them! I can't wait to try your petite lasagna. And oh my WORD, the complete and utter fit of tears when the girl gets the smallest of bumps or a scratch- please have Lily teach Maya how to say ouch!


I love that when I decide to read your blog (searching for new pics of Jack) that I read my name in your blog......sniff, sniff......i miss you :(

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