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June 07, 2011



I suppose that if you've now blogged, and Missy has now blogged, that I might have to, too. :)

You'll be home soon! Can't wait!


You have some handsome boys on your hands! I feel like unloading and proofing what's in my camera for the last 3 weeks will be a monumental task!!


Now I'm totally going to take a shot of my 3 yr old on the changing table tomorrow!

Recently my husband and I were watching "Chaos Theory" on netflix streaming. I couldn't remember where I'd heard of it, but half way through there was a shot of their funny faces framed above their bed and I suddenly remember---I heard about it here from your blog post long ago!

It was a good quirky flick:)Can't wait to see your picks on pinterest!


Devil on your shoulder here! GET THE TATTOO!!! I'LL GO WITH YOU!!! I want another one anyway!!!

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