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March 01, 2011



when I saw the collage over at wcs, I knew that old prom pic was yours even at a glance! Love it! PS- tell Jack Jack to stop growing so fast.


i've been thinking about you as our boys near three, and i'm relieved to hear that mine isn't the only one who has literally turned into a nightmare in the past 24 hours. i mean it. march hit, and there it was - terrible, awful threes. it's sinking me.

Cassie Jebber

Patrick works in Aperture...Ask him!
PS: That is the most handsome baby alive!!! Oh my goodness he is so stinking cute!


I'm not sure about aperture. I use Lightroom for school. Toggling between that and Photoshop is pretty simple but that's probably because they are both Adobe?

That boy is one beautiful baby! Do you cry when Lily sings to him? That is the sweetest thing ever!

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