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March 30, 2011



my life is complete-she blogged.
JK- can't believe the 3 thing....sigh.


Happy days, Marie. And, the three month mark is a big one. Suddenly, you'll find that there are a few more minutes here and there. And, you'll find yourself, once in a great while, in the bathroom alone ;)

Love the photo with the balloons!


We had the same thing twice there - Alla read Fisher's birthday books to him, and also he asked for chocolate cupcakes but didn't really eat his.

And, I just had a thought when you said Chocolate World. We *MIGHT* be going to PA sometime late summer. I keep tellign Alla we'll take her back to Chocolate World, where I took her when she was 2 but she doesn't remember. We'll see...keep you posted:)


Seriously....CANNOT believe he is three. That is just nuts. Sounds like a PERFECT birthday. =)

Mary Jo

Charlie is three?! When did that happen?
I think small family parties are some of the best sometimes, seriously.

And when Erin saw the photo of Charlie playing with the Thomas train and track, she pointed right at it and said "I want that!" :)

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