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February 01, 2011



SUPER CUTE!! Love the outtake as well :) Little Jack Jack looks STRONG (and sounds like he is as well) gooooood lucck with that :)


Your kiddos are too stinkin' cute, Marie. ;)
Jack is a DOLL. Don't they grow up fast. My Jack is almost 4 months old. How did that happen? Hope you are having a great week! Hugs!


They're all super cute. But oh, that last one - he's a charmer.

Okay, I have to correct the record. YOUR CHILDREN HAVE SUPERNATURALLY SOFT CRIES. Loud??? No, ma'm. Juliette's didn't even *bother* crying - she just went straight to the blood-curdling scream.


He is delicious!

Charlie's face is priceless in the outtake. And God bless you for getting them all dressed up in the midst of chaos. :ยบ)

Cassie Jebber

Oh...Oh...He is so cute! And I LOVE the out take so much. I have come back to it 4 times just to make me smile!


What a serious face.. Just what is he thinking; other than when I get older I'll walk out of the room too! Where did my brother and sister go?

They are all delisicious!


Heh heh

Guys will be matter how old they are.

Mary Jo

Cute, cute, cute photos!!
And oh do I remember the days of #3.
Just getting back to sleep and staring in disbelief at the clock when Evan was crying again less than an hour later.


Girl, I feel your pain. It's JUST now starting to get a little bit more doable in the all three in a picture department. Off to check out your album :) Yea for new galleries!

Amy So

Marie, he is adorable!!! Reading your post brought back all sorts of memories for me...that overwhelming exhaustion of having a newborn but how all their good, sweet bits make up for it.


Miel my beagle is 3 months old and just could not get him to quit Biting
until I found

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