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January 05, 2011



Oh I want one! Well not a meatguy but that baby jack jack is absolutely adorable!!!


You're doing his hair already! Jordyn is 3 and I still don't do hers!!! Man, he is so cute I can't handle it!


oh what a sweet photo!!

Charissa Costa

He looks like beej. :)


uuuggggg i cant take the cuteness!!!!!!!


Hee hee. I'm always afraid of what's going to come out of the girls mouth after hearing me talk!


Ah, a mohawk- how cute is he??!


What is a meat guy?


he is so cute!

Jenny L.

Cutie patootie.

Mary Jo

We are always running and hiding from the plethora of Jehovah's witnesses, petition people, political people, and random people that walk up to our door from the street.
We seem to get more than our share on our street. We have yet to deal with the meat guy though :)

And I do love that photo of the two of you.
His hair is precious :)


That Charlie is too funny! That picture of Baby Love is blissful.

rachel marquette

LOL. I LOVE your stories! the meat guy. awesome new banner. love jack jack's mohawk!


I love this picture... and your new banner!! You said you hadn't gotten anything done!?

Monika Wright

Those sweet cheeks of Jack's little scrunched face in anticipation of some love from his Mama are too, too cute!

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