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December 06, 2010



I loved it. Well, what I've watched so far, I still have about 40 minutes to go (DVRd it) but so good. And yeah, Nicole contributes nothing to that show. She's the Paula of The Sing-Off.


I personally love Nicole's witty and knowledgable take on her criticisms and feedback. Her style and grace make me want to run to your house and SIIIINNNGGGGG. Just joshin'. I just like the singers, I have no clue who you are talking about (ie: Mitch Hedberg, etc) but I believe you know what is going down in the world of music and melody so I'll take your word for it.
Overall two thumbs up!


Great start for a quick season (as it should be, I can't imagine a full 10-12 weeks show).

I was sorry the Berklee group went away, but you are right. They were wayyyy to pushy.

Early pick: Committed

shelly brewer

I'm going with BJ's pick. Maybe it was just their song selection. It was my favorite. I missed the first few groups though. I'll let you know later.

celeste smith

i said to dh last night - i wish we could selectively mute nicole. i believe she may be the absolute worst judge/commentator in the history of tv.

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