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October 31, 2010



The excitement in Lily's face is absolutely priceless. So glad you guys had a great Halloween.


You Dillow girls make THE cutest kids! :)

Lisa O

haha i afree with Jody, you really do make cute kids :) and i love the kids costumes, perfect!


I think that should be "You Willis kids make THE cutest kids!"

But, I am partial....


Those are just about the most creative costumes I have ever heard of! They look adorable! :)


What an extremely special Halloween!!! I love how happy Lily is! Awesome!!


PS: Cracking up at Charlie's face with the adorable little girl!!!! Cracking up!

tara pollard pakosta

he would make an awfully cute abe lincoln...hmm what else, cause this sure was pretty cUTE!


They are both darling, Marie! Well done on those facts, Lily!


wowee you are one creative mama - LOVE those!!


Your kids are so cute!! Love the costumes!!


You need three themes for next Halloween! Did you paint any belly pumpkins? :ยบ)


Hi Marie,
Found your blog via a swoop and a dart. I am a high school friend of E's. Just had to comment after seeing Lily and Charlie's Halloween costumes. They are just the greatest. Congrats on #3! Your sister told me as I am 30 weeks along with #2 myself. Enjoy those little ones!

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