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September 26, 2010



I know exactly why BJ answered the way he did on number 15. :)


I love that Lilly's birthday is a holiday. And when did you start loving piano? Or is it just to listen to and not to play?


We were just talking about doing some video interviewing--not enough video camera-ing going on in our house these days. Perhaps I'll use your questions!


Awwww cute! I'm with E on the videoing... Ugh better get on that.


Oh I love this!! BTW, Ella was asked to draw a picture of her and a friend for a school project and she drew Lily. They were playing on the slide.
I love this. And I love that Charlie's favorite holiday is Treasure. Love love love it. =)


I love Nertz. I'd like to have a battle with you! ;)


love that - we will definitely do it this week:) thanks for the great idea!

amber Joy

too cute.


what a great idea! cant do this with Isaac yet, but will as soon as he can!!


oh we are sooo doing this one!! Charlie's answers are the cutest!


This is so fun! How exactly do you play the Chicka Chicka? I LOVE that Charlie's favorite class is "Book" Thanks for sharing your answers.

Nicole Russell Willis

Love this! I am going to do this asap!! :)

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