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September 30, 2010



Ooh, once you find a new one send us Lily's outgrown raincoat, will you? We can't find one for Juliette and it would be great to have one that could theoretically fit for a couple years. I'll pay you for shipping.


Can't believe that's the first picture of your baby belly that you've posted! I'm sure you look great! I miss scrapping with you!


when you make that tell my if you love it. I haven't had time.


Gymboree clearance has had some cute ones recently, not sure about now. And they've been marked way down elsewhere too... This is totally the time to buy raincoats ;)

I cannot believe that you are wishing for snow. Can. not. believe. Bite your tongue, I say. It will come, and will make everything three hundred million times harder than rain does.

I made pie crust last week, and was surprised by how good and easy it was.


Getting Maya a rain coat from Lands End when there is a deal on it:) We have one that you can use...purple with pink polka dots. I think it's a 5/6. Anything pumpkin sounds good right now. I made those pampered chef pumpkin cheese bars last week...soooo good! That project is adorable- I haven't seen halloween punches before! I may have to go look for one! Oh and I am with ya there on the whole photo session thing...Both girls need one...ugh!


Photo booth is SO MUCH FUN!
"The Black Dog" makes some SUPER CUTE rain coats. They come in a variety of colors Michael's is orange with a black lab on the back wearing rain boots and a rain hat. Plus it has a reflective strip. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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