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July 14, 2010



Yay for blogging! But what about scrapping? :) Maybe I should send you the preggo pictures of us!


Oh thank goodness, I was going through I don't like that picture of Charlie with a blue tongue one bit. He looks way too he's you can get a scary glimpse of Charlie the real boy...can'


and PS-
stop was all worth it;)
PSS- I love the pictures- just beautiful!
you know what I meant about the last pic- maybe it was the angle of the shot- oh my goodness...


Congrats, Marie!!! I had a feeling you were preggers last week . . . guess my gut was right! SO happy for you!


Hmph. You're lucky I've had two very, very good sets of visitors in the last month, or else I would be completely and totally despondent about this post.


The koala pictures are fantastic. Our day at the zoo was a lot of fun.


I love your koala pictures... and Charlie really does look so grown up.

So glad you got to spend good times with friends and family! :)


OMG! Congrats!!!!


I was thinking that you should get those koala pictures enlarged to giant size and frame them for the new baby : )


Those kolar shots are wonderful, Marie :) I feel like they are always hiding from my camera when I visit them.

Mary Jo

Marie - those are great zoo shots!
And I can't get over how grown up Charlie looks!
Congrats again on baby three!!! :0)


I love the koala photos, too. :)


Marie, Congratulations to you and BJ!!!!
Love every photo.
And...welcome back!!!


Very beautiful.


Awesome news! Congratulations to your family.

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