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May 06, 2010


Melissa S

Very cool! I love flash mobs too and they also make me teary. Weird how that is.


I love this. I almost emailed it to you last night!


Saw that last night! So fun! Made me testy too!


I am smiling ear to ear! I LOVE it, love these things, what fun!


LOVE IT!!!!!


As much as I DESPISE Ohio State, they did do a great job. They also chose Penn State's theme song from last year... great choice in music... ;)


I love this! GO BUCKEYES!!!!

Rich Boettner wants to do this on the dock for staff intros for camp this year! :) Know any choreographers who can work with non-dancers? Hee hee hee

Mary Jo

How fun is that!!
I love Glee :0)

Monika Wright

My son and his girlfriend (both 18) recognized the Glee soundtrack right away, I (46) noticed that it was a Journey remake! We're all happy and had a blast watching this! Listening to the Journey version as I type.

amber joy

teary eyes and a smile that makes my cheeks hurt!

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