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March 30, 2010


rachel marquette

happy birthday charlie! what a celebration indeed! 3 parties! yeah! quick - marie- put him in his robot shirt- grab a cupcake -put the camera timer on and get in the picture. You have a whole month that he is truly 2! without you he wouldn't be here. document. oh sob- you had me crying at the singing happy birthday while rocking him to sleep. what a precious memory to hold onto! potty chairs! remeber to push the hose down!


Oh yes, he is like Mackenzie! She hangs on to my legs all the time. I've made dinner/washed dishes many a time with her attached to me! Happy birthday Charlie!


It looks like Charlie had a wonderful birthday.

I miss him. :(


happy two!


#1) I was crying reading it!


You know what's mire fun than two don't you!? Three!
I 'll let you get used to two though... Happy belated birthday little Charlie!


We miss you. Hope you had a fun filled birthday dude!


ooooooh pretty banner. loving the blue.


Two.... wow! That went quick. Happy belated birthday Charlie!!

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