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December 15, 2009



Andy loves this arrangement- he first saw them on the Today show last year. Good stuff!!


I *heart* them as well :)


I can't have any more shows...Ben said.

rachel marquette

eddie & I watched this the first night and I watched a little bit last night while I was wrapping presents by myself. I always have big plans with pretty paper and bows. And by the 2nd present I am so over it and it just gets a tag slapped on it. (Eddie had his last christmas concert). I won't tell you what eddie called The Mormons. But I agree I love Ben Folds - I just want to hear him talk, about anything. Forget the passive aggressive pussycat doll talking head. But need to have Shawn there since A capella is his thing. I want to know who styles the groups? do they? or do they have people? Some look like a gap ads and the housemothers look like bedazzled flight attendents from the 80's. No one should sing Abba like that. And what was up with nick lache's sweater last night? Okay maybe i just watch for the clothes -since I am not a music person - but I can appreciate it. okay this is turning into the longest comment ever!


I love the video you post on your blog! I showed this to my kids and they could not stop making Christmas songs silly all day! Thanks for the giggles! :)

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