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February 04, 2009


Helen Hassel

I hear chewing on apple skin relieves nausea. I had the same thing yesterday and that seemed to help. Keep hydrated. I think that's the best thing you can do. There isn't really anything else that will help. Good luck ladies.


Don't eat/drink anything for at least an hour after throwing up. Then, only sips of water (personally, I like 7-up/sprite/sierra mist when I'm sick) and see if that stays down, then a little more, etc. with the Stomach flu/diarrhea I stick to the BRAT diet and crackers. Popsicles are good too, but only when you know you can keep something down. Hope you feel better, soon!


oh NO! We all hope you feel better soon!

Mary Jo

Ahhh! I'm so sorry, marie. And I will pray for you that Charlie and B.J. do NOT get it! Not fun!!!
Feel better soon. Both of you!

rachel m

oh no! keep hydrated! pedialite pops worked for riley. cinnamon/sugar toast is my go to for stomach flu. hopefully it's only the 24 hour kind!


so sorry to hear that you're sick! hope it all passes quickly, and hopefully BJ and Charlie don't get it!


I loved Olivia!!! Electric Company, not so much...and your button projects are soosoooooo cute!

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