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February 23, 2009



This is the first time in a long time that I actually enjoyed the oscars. Thought Hugh Jackman was great. I loved the 5 previous winners announcing the nominees, thought that was very cool. And yep, heard Steve get yelled at. lol.


1. Anne Hathaway looked stunning.
2. I loved whoever the guy was that did the Tiger dance when he won. Who was that.
3. The magician who was part of the winning documentary. He was damn cute too.
4. Heath's family made me cry.
5. I loved how they did the actor awards with having the six previous winners there. Very cool.


I'll have to catch the recaps on the internet. Cavs were more fun last night:) PS- Do you have any pictures to share- we miss you guys:(

Mary Jo

Anne Hathaway is absolutely gorgeous! I never realized she could sing :-O


I agree with everything you said! I actually watched the whole thing this year. Loved Hugh!!!


Heard the voice, someone was sleeping!! I agree Anne's dress was a knock out, would love to see that material up close! Do you think that Jennifer felt a little awkward right in front of Bradgelina!!

rachel marquette

didn't watch it all this year. i caught up on the rest of it on and Loved marisa tomei's dress this year. Sad mickey rourke didn't win. I can't get past Hugh singing and dancing - wolverwine doesn't sing and dance. That little bit by Ben stiller making fun of Joaquin was kinda of awkard. I love Kate Winslet. And of course Heath deserved - his family up there was so touching.


OK...I have to say that I HATED the Oscars this year. You know I live for it. I thought Hugh was OK...but he was just like he is on the Tony's. Thought I was watching the Tony's all night. It was boring and no memorable moments except Heath Ledger. I must say that I didn't even make it to the end. I knew that Slumdog would win(as it should have) UGGG.. I really hope it is better next next year. I did like the stage, but it was hard to follow what category was even being announced. That dude said Philip Seymour Hoffman's name wrong too...Things bug me. Ok...I'm a downer. Bring back Billy Crystal.

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