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November 20, 2008



oh you poor thing. I'm so sorry.. can you put anything you eat with in a rubbermaid until they are all gone?


Oh Marie, I've so been there. We live in the middle of nowhere and this house came stock with field mice. It didn't matter how clean I kept it last winter, there were droppings EVERYWHERE! They seem to stay out of my silverware. My biggest trouble is the slot where I keep my cutting boards and the drawer for my cake pans and pot lids. It's horrible. Ours were so smart too. They would clean off the traps without setting them off. Scary!!!

I am so sorry! I'll be praying for you!



tara pollard pakosta

my sister in law had them in that same drawer!
UGH> she set a trap and caught some but kept them as pets for awhile DUH! LOL! how silly is that?! i hate MICE! my friend just found a bunch living in her CAR!!!!!!


blech. BLECH!



Maybe you can just not bring any prepared-in-your-kitchen dishes to Thanksgiving next week. :P


so so gross!!


wow....maybe you should've taken Jack & Finn? :)


OK, I think you should call an exterminator! NO MATTER the cost. Really, I do.
We could take up a collection for you! ;)


Ick, ick, and double ick!!

Jenny L.

Oh my gawd. I feel for you. Lol at E's comment. That's just like a sister isn't it?

Mary Jo

Ugh! I will now. Wash the silverware before I use it that is.

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