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March 18, 2008



It is raining outside and I was checking my email. Grace (the cat) is next to the keyboard (in her position as usual). I am a fan of your blog!! I am entertained and inspired!! Know you are in my thoughts! p.s...why didnt we meet years ago?


just in case you are scratching your head.....langer from help with confusion...


dude! stop eating the apples! you know what they say -an apple a day keeps the doctor away. no apples = baby. hehe! hey at least you are eating something healthy and not slamming down big macs.
the sign of the times "nesting" online. LOVE all the sweet sweet pictures of baby lily.

Erin Sweeney

LOVE that picture, so sweet!


well aren't I late to the game? cut me some's spring break and snowing...and not a lot of blog I thought maybe you were having a I haven't been over here in a the new typepad...been contemplating it...but now I have a netflix bill so better not press my luck.


oh and after 2 years...I have made your links...yeah for me for being one of your bestest girls.

Mary Jo

Just checking :0)


the apples sounds like a yummy craving!


that picture is so sweet! laughing about the apple a day comment up there! haha! Happy Easter!


thanks for sharing that blurb website. I've been trying to think of a way to organize wedding photos this summer and I'm just not a scrapbooker, though I'd love to be - so this looks like a great option!

Pink Paper Peppermints


I know you're busy having a baby and everything, but I just saw this. I have the worst time centering my banner too! *ugh* So I guess I have no help for you..*LOL*....hope you and babykins are doing well..


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