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March 16, 2008


Helen Hassel

the 26th? That's exciting. At least it makes all those fools who thought you should have boy late wrong!


That's a very good birthday day!

Heather J Wade-Taylor

Just think...if my predictions are right, you'll be holding your son by tomorrow afternoon. I say your son because I still don't know his name. hmphf:)

Mary Jo

OK - when I saw the photo I thought, there he is! :0) Soon though!
I love your new blog and your header! Very cute :0)


oh we're both in a pickle aren't we, marie? well you know what, having a head-down baby is only half the battle, mine is high and posterior, which is doing NOTHING for me. so truth be told, i'm not much better off (especially being now 8 days overdue - whoever heard of such madness!!), and at least you have an end in sight!


You can link my blog. I'll just give the passwords out to kind people that ask:)


oh, those baby snickering noises! earlier this week I was in a waiting room with a family whose 8-week-old baby was making the most adorable little snuffling baby noises. I could barely keep myself from begging complete strangers to let me hold their little girl! Soon you will have your own little guy to snuggle! I'll try not to be too jealous :)

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